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Group of friends looking to rent apartment


A band of young improvised an unusual journey … They visit apartments for rent but not only. This morning, their agency has handed the keys to a huge loft. Pigs entering the apartment, bottle of champagne in hand. Would they have made their choice? No, they are celebrating in advance yet another orgy in an apartment unknown! The blonde and the Vietnam urges the scene, sucking her breasts and sucking the ball. The bubbles of champagne fanning their vice, they are hot as embers and enjoy every second that moment unusual. The show quickly stirs the only male in the group. The two sluts blindfold him, seized his veined cock and argues the piece of meat like two morfales. The contact of their mouths on the cock tense, moistens and expands gender. The queue stretched soon to enter the bottom of these pussies gaping. Suddenly, a third beauty come around. More reserved than the first two, she prefers the stage to zieuter godant the crotch! The champagne glasses now empty, will soon fulfill semen burning …

Date: February 21, 2020

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